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The Guardians Have Arrived

Why Make Guardians?

If you didn’t know, Guardians is my take on the superhero genre. It centers on two heroes, Element and Chaos, who were created by a deity to protect Delta City and it’s citizens.


When I tell people I write a superhero comic I usually get one of two responses, either, “That’s so cool!”, or, “Why would you make a superhero comic when there’s companies full of them?” Meaning DC, Marvel, Image, and Dark Horse to various degrees.

And to an extent, they’re right. It is tough to write, and hope to continue writing, a superhero comic when companies have mega-studios able to promote EVERYWHERE they’re products. I mean Batman, Superman, Avengers, they’re everywhere!

So…why did I choose to make Guardians? Why would I risk everything to make another superhero story. It’s simple, it’s MY superhero story.

I love DC and Marvel, I really do, I read their comics every week. Yet there are some things I don’t like, and there’s some things I see them not do. That’s where, for me at least, Guardians comes in. With Guardians, I get to tell my own stories. Show the world my views on certain things. And also show people that not every superhero story has been told.

When I set out to make Guardians, I wanted to make a comic that kids could read and enjoy, but also have adults read it and pick up things kids might not. I have a lot of messages in my comic, and there are more about to tell. About relationships, brotherhood, faith and hope, I’m only 4 issues in but I have a lot I want to tell.

So, is it a risk to make Guardians? Absolutely! Nothing worth doing is easy, and making Guardians isn’t easy. But I love every minute of it. My real dream now? More than Nintendo and DC, is to write Guardians for a LONG time. I have ideas for 100 issues, and I’d love to write them all.

With your help, I’ll be able to do that.

The first EVER Guardians T-Shirt!

Hello everyone! Today is a very special day for me, as I get to show you the first EVER Guardians T-Shirt! It was designed in a contest (that’s still ongoing by the way!) by Bryan Sheppard. I told him to take my characters and make an epic image, and if it was good, I’d put it on a shirt. Well, he did, and then I did! And here’s the result!


I know, I know, it’s epic!!! And hopefully, it’ll be the first of many! If you’d like to purchase this epic Guardians shirt, just click here!

Or, if you so chose, you can WIN the shirt by pledging to the Guardians Patreon. If we reach our goal by the end of the month, I’ll give away this (and possibly other) Guardians T-Shirt to a lucky backer! Here’s the Patreon link if you wish to pledge.

What’s that? You want to design a Guardians T-shirt too? No problem! Just head over to the Guardians Facebook page, leave me a message saying you want to help, and we’ll chat!

I truly hope this is but the first of a long line of Guardians apparel. With your support, this’ll continue to grow!

The Guardians are on Patreon!

Hello again everyone!

I’m back, and with a new blog post about Guardians. Primarily, that we’re doing a Patreon to try and fund our series for the long haul.

In case you don’t know, Patreon is a crowdfunding site where you pledge to help projects, and pay a certain amount when goals are met. In the case of Guardians for instance. The amount would be paid per every issue made. So if you pledge $3 to the project, you’ll charged once the comic is done and given to you. So unlike Kickstarter, you’re truly investing in the project instead of giving a one-off pledge.

But fear not, you still get rewards for helping out. For the $3 pledge you get the comic for no extra charge. And we also have $5 and $10 rewards as well.

Our goal is to reach $900 received through Patrons (that’s you) per issue. Why? Cause that’ll allow me to make the next issue of Guardians, and continue from there as long as that amount holds. And if we get more, we’ll be able to have more fun. Hire more artists, go to comic book conventions, the whole nine yards. But it all starts with getting to that $900 milestone level.

I would LOVE to get 300 people to pledge $3. But I’ll honestly accept all the help I can get! The link to the Patreon is below, I really hope you’ll help, and then spread the word! Every little bit helps!

Guardians Kickstarter is Live!!!

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the long gap between blog posts, I hope to change that very soon. I’ve been really busy recently, so let me catch you up on what’s been going on!

First off, if you haven’t noticed, we’ve released Guardians #2 and #3. Successfully completing our first comic arc, “The Winds of Change”. It was a blast to make, and we’re hoping to continue our comic with a  new arc called “A Phase We’re Going Through”. But to do so, we’ve launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for the new arc.

Our goal, is to make the next two issues, which would be the next arc. However, we’re also hoping to build up our fanbase, thus, we’re asking people/would be pledgers to donate $1, or $3, or $5 to our Kickstarter. You can of course pledge more, but with this option, we believe we’ll inspire people to pledge at those levels and feel that they’ve both helped, didn’t break the bank, yet got a good reward in the process.

Speaking of rewards! We’re offering some great rewards on our Kickstarter. From digital copies of the comic, to a paperback of the first volume, to getting drawn INTO the comic. And the big one, being able to work with me and Guardians artist Alex Garcia to make a character that’ll be put into the comic. How cool is that?

So, if you’re interested in helping, just click the link below to go to our KS page. Pledge, then spread the word! The more people that see this, the more likely we have to succeed! We hope you’ll consider helping us in our journey!

The Guardians Kickstarter has Arrived!

Issue #1

The Guardians have arrived! Unfortunately so has their first supervillain. Who is he? What does he want? Do the Guardians have the power to take him down?

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Issue #0

This 20 page prologue issue welcomes you to the world of Guardians and let’s you know about them, about the city, and about what’s to come.

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Working on Guardians

Guardians has been a dream of mine for a long time. I’ve made the characters, wrote the stories in my head but I could never make it real. Then one day I said “I’ve got to do this.”

So I put up an ad on the Internet and along came Chua Eng Chee, I’ll admit I was skeptical at first but after a test draw of The Guardians and Delta City city I was sold. In fact his second test actually became Page 1 of the prologue comic. Read more

About the Guardians

Delta City is one of the greatest examples of scientific achievement on the planet. Their inventions help make the world a better place… as long as it’s in their hands. But with fame and fortune, comes greed and vice, as do criminals descended upon the city and threatened to tear the city apart from within.

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