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The Guardians Have Arrived

Issue #1


Guardians #1

The Guardians have arrived! Unfortunately so has their first supervillain.

Who is he? What does he want?

Do the Guardians have the power to take him down?

“The Winds of Change” begin here!

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Reviews for Guardians Issue #1

Issue #0


Guardians #0

Who are The Guardians?

Where did they come from?

Why are they here?

This 20 page prologue issue welcomes you to the world of Guardians and let’s you know about them, about the city, and about what’s to come.

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Reviews for Guardians Issue #0

Working on Guardians

Guardians has been a dream of mine for a long time. I’ve made the characters, wrote the stories in my head but I could never make it real. Then one day I said “I’ve got to do this.”

So I put up an ad on the Internet and along came Chua Eng Chee, I’ll admit I was skeptical at first but after a test draw of The Guardians and Delta City city I was sold. In fact his second test actually became Page 1 of the prologue comic. Read more

About the Guardians

Guardians - Delta City

Writer Todd Black along with Artists Chua Eng Chee and Alex Garcia proudly welcome you to Delta City.

Delta City is one of the greatest examples of scientific achievement on the planet. Their inventions help make the world a better place… as long as it’s in their hands. But with fame and fortune, comes greed and vice, as do criminals descended upon the city and threatened to tear the city apart from within.

In their desperation the people of Delta City cried out to their maker. They asked for angels, they prayed for saviors, what they received…

were Guardians.

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