“Blue hair aside, Elysia is as “normal” as normal can be. She has dealt with a lot of the struggles people her age have gone through, and more. She’s constantly looked upon as an outcast cause of her hair, yet she loves who she is. She has to work a dead-end job that she actually had to “push along” to get, yet she does the job to the best of her abilities, cause she knows she needs it in order to live.

After hearing her story in the beginning of Home #1, I feel you will not only connect with Elysia, but you’ll root for her throughout the miniseries. Especially once things start getting crazy as she arrives in Altaria.”

-Todd Black, Creator and Writer of Home

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“Where is your Home?” 

That is what a blue haired woman named Elysia must ask herself in this fantasy comic mini-series. Elysia is thrown from a life of being ridiculed and judged into one she never expected. A new journey is about to begin!

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