Why Make Guardians?

If you didn’t know, Guardians is my take on the superhero genre. It centers on two heroes, Element and Chaos, who were created by a deity to protect Delta City and it’s citizens.

When I tell people I write a superhero comic I usually get one of two responses, either, “That’s so cool!”, or, “Why would you make a superhero comic when there’s companies full of them?” Meaning DC, Marvel, Image, and Dark Horse to various degrees.

And to an extent, they’re right. It is tough to write, and hope to continue writing, a superhero comic when companies have mega-studios able to promote EVERYWHERE they’re products. I mean Batman, Superman, Avengers, they’re everywhere!

So…why did I choose to make Guardians? Why would I risk everything to make another superhero story. It’s simple, it’s MY superhero story.

I love DC and Marvel, I really do, I read their comics every week. Yet there are some things I don’t like, and there’s some things I see them not do. That’s where, for me at least, Guardians comes in. With Guardians, I get to tell my own stories. Show the world my views on certain things. And also show people that not every superhero story has been told.

When I set out to make Guardians, I wanted to make a comic that kids could read and enjoy, but also have adults read it and pick up things kids might not. I have a lot of messages in my comic, and there are more about to tell. About relationships, brotherhood, faith and hope, I’m only 4 issues in but I have a lot I want to tell.

So, is it a risk to make Guardians? Absolutely! Nothing worth doing is easy, and making Guardians isn’t easy. But I love every minute of it. My real dream now? More than Nintendo and DC, is to write Guardians for a LONG time. I have ideas for 100 issues, and I’d love to write them all.

With your help, I’ll be able to do that.

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I'm a storyteller by trade and love to create ideas whether they be for games or comics or tv and movies. I recently graduated from DePaul University in Chicago and decided to produce my first comic book series: Guardians.
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