Guardians - Element and Chaos with Title

About the Guardians

Writer Todd Black along with Artists Chua Eng Chee and Alex Garcia proudly welcome you to Delta City.

Delta City is one of the greatest examples of scientific achievement on the planet. Their inventions help make the world a better place… as long as it’s in their hands. But with fame and fortune, comes greed and vice, as do criminals descended upon the city and threatened to tear the city apart from within.

In their desperation the people of Delta City cried out to their maker. They asked for angels, they prayed for saviors, what they received…

were Guardians.

guardiansBrothers Element and Chaos were created to be the protectors of Delta City and the people that reside in it. They were given create power and the ability to control it with ease. One thing they weren’t given was the knowledge of how to relate to humans. So they fled to an old lighthouse and stood watch until needed again.

A Simple Question:

Is There More to Life Than What I Was Created For?

As time wore on though Element began to ask whether there was more to their lives than just to protect people. He wants to go down and interact with the humans, to be like them, to be among them. But Chaos feels that they should just do their mission, protect and serve, and that nothing else matters.

As their journey truly begins they’ll encounter supervillains that’ll test them both physically and mentally. They’ll meet heroes that don’t believe in the same ideals that they do and make them question if what they’re doing is right. And they’ll find humans, who will want to help them, and hurt them, and maybe more.

Epic battles await, profound questions will be answered, new allies, deadly foes, the only question is: Will YOU be there when it all happens?

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I'm a storyteller by trade and love to create ideas whether they be for games or comics or tv and movies. I recently graduated from DePaul University in Chicago and decided to produce my first comic book series: Guardians.
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