Working on Guardians

Guardians has been a dream of mine for a long time. I’ve made the characters, wrote the stories in my head but I could never make it real. Then one day I said “I’ve got to do this.”

So I put up an ad on the Internet and along came Chua Eng Chee, I’ll admit I was skeptical at first but after a test draw of The Guardians and Delta City city I was sold. In fact his second test actually became Page 1 of the prologue comic.

Alex Garcia had already done some work with me and when he saw I was doing a comic he wanted in, and let me tell he’s done great work as well. He does the colors, the text and drew the cover for Guardians #0. He’s also drawn many of the characters that’ll be in the comic that was shown in the video.

I’ve been lucky and honored to work with both of these guys.

I first got into contact with the Guardians when I followed a link on a job forum, looking for work in comics. I saw concept art of the Guardians, visually interesting characters that appealed to me. I wanted to know their story and what they are about. I immediately contacted Todd, the creator of the Guardians for work as penciller and inker for his comic. When I first saw the script for the Guardians prologue comic, I knew right away that this project was going to be fun and a thrill to work on. Over the months that followed, I had a great time drawing the characters, using my art to bring to life these endearing characters known as Element and Chaos. I am happy and grateful to be able to work on this comic with a team of fantastic and talented people and I hope we will have opportunities to tell more stories about Element and Chaos in the future.
Eng Chee Chua, Art
This is a fascinating job to be involved in, I´m having a great time painting the pages of the comic and drawing characters. I love comics and to be participating in one is a dream come true, it´s been a wonderful and fun experience. What i like most about this project is the fact that this is an original idea with a lot of potential, i want to see more of these characters and how they interact with each other, i´d love to see how far we can go with Guardians.
Alex Garcia, Colors

But what is Guardians exactly?

It’s a superhero comic for a new age. You’ll still have the great battles between epic heroes and sinister villains but in my comic we really ask some deep questions and talk about some heavy topics. Our heroes were created from a God and there will be backlash to that. How do these being view us humans? How will the people they meet affect how they feel about us? How will the humans react to the presence of these superheroes? Will they even see them as heroes?

I mentioned earlier how Element questions his purpose, that’s going to be a continuing theme throughout the series. Can these heroes grow beyond the purpose they were given without sacrificing what they were made for? Or will it all fall apart?

The stories I have in mind I truly believe will take the readers on a ride they won’t forget. And I’ve got plenty of stories. Stories of questionable decisions and even more questionable alliances. Stories that’ll make them question their very identities and their existence. Stories that’ll bring these brothers closer together and threaten to tear them apart. There will be battles of evey size and shape. You’ll meet heroes that aren’t exactly heroic and villains who aren’t all what they seem to be. And of course you meet humans that represent the best of us, and the worst of us.

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I'm a storyteller by trade and love to create ideas whether they be for games or comics or tv and movies. I recently graduated from DePaul University in Chicago and decided to produce my first comic book series: Guardians.
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